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Sites management

Scalesta interface includes the possibility to add sites or redirects to your server's configuration.

To add an alias (storefront) or a redirect:

  1. Go to the Sites and click Add site.

  2. Enter the domain of an alias or a redirect in the Domain field.

  3. Tick www, if you need to add the www. subdomain.

  4. Select the type of the site you need to add and click Add site.

There are two types of sites you can add via Scalesta — aliases and redirects:

  • An alias domain is an alternate name for another existing domain. When we talk about marketplace platforms, alias usually means an additional storefront to your project.
  • A redirect changes the site's URL to the required one and moves visitors to the site where the content is actually located.

Let's add an alias to the server configuration and see how it works (the process is the same for a redirect). When you select the type you need from the list, the Destination field where you need to choose a project to which the alias will be added from the list will arise. When the Destination project is selected, click Add site. Done ✔, the alias is added to the server configuration.

myscalesta sites

Once DNS records for new domain are changed/added, you will be able to enable SSL certificate.

Need assistance?

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