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Payment methods

You can save your payment card details and do not have to re-enter them in the future.

You can use saved payment methods to:

  • purchase new services;
  • to create new subscriptions.

How to save payment method

To save payment method:

  1. Go to Client → Payment methods → Add.

    myscalesta methods

  2. Click Select for desired method.

    myscalesta methods2

  3. Choose a payer. Saved methos will be available for this payer. Click Next.

  4. Click Finish and you will be forwarded to the payment system page.

  5. Enter the information required. The payment system will save this data. It will help you to use this payment method it the future without any worries.

Pay attention

Card details are not stored in your personal account. They are stored on the side of the payment system.

You can rename payment method for your convenience or even delete them.