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Performance settings

In the Performance menu you can enable/disable the following features:

  • Image optimization that optimizes images on your server daily without losing image quality. It helps save server space and speed up the overall website load. Also, our image optimization method allows optimizing without involving any third-party services which makes our system failproof, fast and stable.

  • Image resizer and compressor which, once enabled, permanently resizes the images on your server to 2500x2500px. It can improve the overall performance of your projects, but only if the significant load on your server is created by the images bigger than that size.

  • PHP OPCache is a form of caching system that caches precompiled script bytecode in a server's memory, allowing a web page to load faster each time a user accesses it. With the PHP OPcache caching system, you can speed up your website.

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