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Technical support

Create new ticket

You can contact Scalesta specialists in your Client area in case you have any question about or issue with your project.

A ticket can be submitted both from the Home page and from the left side menu in the Support → Support tickets section.

How to submit a ticket:

  1. Visit Main → Submit a ticket

    dashboard create ticket steps

  2. Specify the request topic, select the service to which the question is related. Specify department. For example, "Payments and invoices, and the sales department". Describe the question and add a file if necessary.

  3. Press Submit to send the ticket to the support center.

new ticket

Alternative way to open a ticket

There is another way to create a ticket, go to Products/Services tab, choose your product and press a Question button. additional ticket creation

How to make ticket effective?

An effective ticket will be considered, resolved and responsed faster that a ticket which does not contain the information required for a proper understanding of a client's request and working on solving this request. If you want to get our assistance quickly, make sure that your ticket match these effective ticket attributes:

  • The issue is described in detail
    • When you are contacting a support team you usually have a certain question or problem in mind. Try to describe the situation in as many details as possible. Make it simple, so anyone could understand what’s wrong and what bothers you.
  • We know how to reproduce the issue
    • There is a rule stating that “to fix the problem, it should be reproduced first”. If you explain how to reproduce the problem step-by-step, we’ll be able to repeat it faster, thus come up with a solution faster.
  • The required access to additional services is provided
    • If you would like us to fix the issue in your store, which is related to the additional services (DNS, mail service, Google services and etc.), it’s obvious that we will need access to it. Providing access along with your request will save a lot of time.
  • Screenshot/link/video is attached
    • Sometimes it’s hard to describe what you see with words. If the problem is visible, show it to us by providing us with screenshot/link/video. It will help us a lot.
  • Last changes are described
    • In case you have any information on the changes you made to your store recently (during the last three days) which may affect the server load and website accessibility, please, let us know about that. Your explanation will greatly help us take the right measures to settle the current situation.

Manage tickets

In the Support → Support tickets tab you can:

  • see all your tickets;
  • send a response in a ticket;
  • archive the ticket if the issue has already been resolved.

Possible ticket statuses:

  • Pending — the ticket is currently awaiting a response from support staff;
  • Unread messages — the support specialists responded to the question, and now a response is expected from your side. Continue the dialog or press the Problem solved (close the request) button if the issue is resolved.
  • Issue resolved — the issue is resolved and the ticket is closed. In tickets with this status you cannot continue a dialog, they are only available for reading. A closed ticket is moved to the archive. The entire history of correspondence with technical support is stored in your client area.


If you have a problem, need assistance with tweaks or a free consultation, if you just want to discuss your project with experts and estimate the outcome, if you're looking for a solution that reinforces your online business, we will help. Contact us via Scalesta account.