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Updates and improvements April’22

Continuous improvement forms the basis of our hosting solution. Let me list some recent updates and improvements we introduced in March and April 2022 to make your website operation even more stable and secure. This will give you the competitive advantage in terms of project availability, load speeds and higher conversion rates as a result.

Hotlinking protection

Hotlinking is the act of linking to a file that is hosted on another site, instead of downloading the file and providing proper citation. Images are most frequently hotlinked, but audio files, movies, flash animations, and other digital assets can also be hotlinked. We added the possibility to enable hotlink protection right from your dashboard.

hotlinking protection

Country blocking by GEO IP

Need to restrict traffic originating from specific countries? This will allow you for example to block countries which are usually very suspicious/well-known to be the origin of malicious attacks. Now you can block users without involving programmers or engineers simply by choosing target countries in your dashboard.

geo blocking

Enable SSL

Now you can on your own enable SSL-certificate for added sites when DNS entries are made. Our system will check if DNS is added and if everything is OK, then SSL will be enabled. If the site is added with www, then the check will run for both with www and without www.

enable ssl via mycloud

New regions of presence

As you know, hosting on a data center close to your customers helps to increase the load speed of online stores and compete for local search. Now VPS hosting is available in the following regions: Paris, Sydney, Madrid, Tokyo, Mexico

New payment options: Stripe and YooMoney

For your convenience we added Stripe and YooMoney as new payment options. In case you have any questions concerning payments please refer to our Custom Care Team.

new payment options

Regular security audits

Current geopolitical situation highlighted the necessity to treat cybersecurity as a must. As we mentioned last time we reinforced our team with a dedicated information security specialist who is now identifying vulnerabilities on client’s sites, including vulnerabilities in 3rd party software. Your projects are under control.

Useful resources

Thank you for staying with us! In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to address our Custom Care team via MyCloud.