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Backups and questions on it

You make backups?

We make daily backups and keep each (including store) for 7-30 days (depending on plan and business requirements). All backups are stored on our servers and are deducted from disk storage limitations for each tariff plan (e.g., 80Gb for Basic tariff plan).

Do backups occupy server space?

No, our backups don't occupy the server space! Our backups are stored in dedicated servers and extra S3 buckets.

In case you make backups throug—Ä the CS-Cart functionality, these backups sure take server space because these backups are related to the project files.

Is it possible to provide a backup for us?

You can contact us via Scalesta, specify the date and time for which you need backup and we will prepare archives with database and files for you.

Also, the backup can be restored upon your request.

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