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Customer care and Tech support, Monitoring with reaction 24/7, SLA

Service-level agreement, SLA (in a short)

  • We guarantees a 99.99% monthly average server availability (uptime)
  • Incident reaction up to 15 min (according to the statistic, reaction time is 6 min 12 sec for the last year) for 24/7 for Critical issues.

You can find our complete SLA here.

Moniroting and reaction 24/7

  • We monitor everything on the server 24/7
    • And the application status, for example, how CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor storefront and admin panel works
    • Also, we monitor the logs, so, we can inform you about increasing the error rate
  • Incident reaction up to 15 min for 24/7 for Critical issues

Auto-Healing Options?

Your server is being monitored in real-time 24/7/365. You don’t have to worry about your website crashing, for example. Most of the issues within the server are resolved with auto-healing workflow and after it we will investigate the root cause of it.

Sure. Don’t forget that we provide not just regular hosting; it’s a hosting solution for business, the main goal of which is to free more of your time for doing business, not wasting it on technical stuff.

Why Scalesta does not provide 24/7 human support?

That is not entirely true to say that we don’t have a human watching your project day and night. We have a complex multi-layer monitoring system that does watch your server 24/7/365 non-stop. In case something happens, it will try to fix the problem and will also urgently wake up a human developer to fix it or to double check it.

The monitoring system keeps an eye 24/7 on your server performance, security integrity, back up procedure and on hundreds of other indicators. Moreover, we have a secondary monitoring system that checks the primary. So, we assure that your project has 24/7 support, but not human all the time due to complex and effective automation.

What will you do if my project becomes unavailable for some reason outside your working hours?

  1. Our multi-layer monitoring system detect issue, which leads to the performance degradation or any issues on the project.
  2. The monitoring system will call the specialist on duty on his personal mobile immediately.
  3. The specialist will start to investigate the root cause and do possible solutions according to the SLA (15 min).
  4. All the reports about the problems and their resolutions we are providing only in working days, except for cases, when we can’t resolve the issue immediately, or it needs client decision (in this case, we will contact you via Scalesta).