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Make a Payment

We provide you with two types of payments: Prepared Invoices and Recurring Subscriptions.

Prepared Invoices

To pay the invoice which we have prepared for you, choose your Project (1⃣) in the MyCloud Dashboard payment dashboard

Go to Additional services (2⃣), find a necessary invoice and click to Pay (3⃣) make payment

One-time and recurring types of invoices

As you can see from the Screenshot above, Invoice#1 is a one-time invoice, Invoice#2 is a recurring invoice - the difference is that a recurring type of invoice automatically charges a customer for services on a prearranged schedule (usually once a month) while a one-time type of invoice is used for one-time charges for a prearranged interval of time.

Recurring Subscriptions

Recurring Subscription automatically charges you for specified products or services on a prearranged schedule.

You can create a recurring subscription for the server by yourself. After choosing your project click Billing info (1⃣), choose your Plan name (2⃣) from the list and specify the Period (3⃣) on which the hosting service will be paid and click Generate invoice (4⃣) payment dashboard

Payments history

You can find your payments history in the Orders History list in the Billing info section.

Need assistance?

If you have a problem, need assistance with tweaks or a free consultation, if you just want to discuss your project with experts and estimate the outcome, if you're looking for a solution that reinforces your online business, we will help. Let us know through MyCloud.