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PHP/MySQL server settings

Sometimes some server parameters need to be changed. In this case you can contact us by submitting a new ticket, or change the required settings yourself. On this page, we will describe the server settings that can be changed via MyCloud functionality. These settings include the Configuration, Performance, Security and Scheduler parameters. To change the parameters available for change via MyCloud, select the required project in MyCloud Dashboard and find the Server settings section.

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General server settings

When you open the Server settings (1⃣) tab you will see the general server settings available for change. Here you can change the Server scheduled update time (2⃣) (the update may cause up to 5 minutes of downtime) — when we have to change server configuration, we notify you about the planned update via News & Announcements. If some critical updates are required to be applied, you can specify the Server emergency update time (3⃣) — most likely, there will be no critical updates on your server, but if you specify this time, up to 5 minutes of downtime will not catch you at an inconvenient time with a 100% probability.

If you check the Apply new experimental stable functions checkbox (4⃣), we will receive your consent to apply our new stable and tested ideas and improvements to your project.

server settings

Configuration settings

Application settings

If you click the Configuration (1⃣) tab right under Server settings, the first thing you will see is the following warning notice:

Attention, changes on this page will restart some server components, which should not be done at busy times. And also, if a mistake is made, this can lead to the project becoming inaccessible. If any changes lead to an issue or to project/server unavailability, revert values to default/previous and contact the support team in a ticket with changes (created automatically). Server configuration changes will take about 5 minutes.

Please, keep this information in mind when you change your server's Configuration settings.

The first thing you can change in the server's configuration is your server's application set up by selecting the required Backend type (2⃣) and Php version (3⃣). Please, change these settings only if you know what you are doing and make sure that all the add-ons and themes of your project are compatible with the new Php version. When the appropriate configuration is selected, click Update server configuration (4⃣) to apply it.


Server's application set up can be updated one time every 6 minutes.

server configuration

PHP & MySQL settings

Below the server's application settings you can find the PHP settings. Here you can change the values of the PHP parameters (1⃣) to the necessary ones and Update server configuration (2⃣) in accordance with the PHP parameters changes.

In the MySQL settings sections you can change the values of the available MySQL parameters (3⃣) and apply the changes by clicking Update server configuration (4⃣).


PHP & MySQL settings can be updated one time every 6 minutes.


Changes in PHP & MySQL settings may require some special technical knowledge — don't apply the changes if you are not sure. If you have any uncertainty, contact us via MyCloud ticket, we are always ready to help and consult you on questions related to the server's configuration.

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Need assistance?

If you have a problem, need assistance with tweaks or a free consultation, if you just want to discuss your project with experts and estimate the outcome, if you're looking for a solution that reinforces your online business, we will help. Let us know through MyCloud.