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Why we don't recommend using Control panels like cPanel/Plesk/etc?

Control panels make it very hard or sometimes even impossible to perform certain optimizations. Besides, control panels do not allow to unleash the full potential of the advanced DevOps services like CI/CD, monitoring, etc. Yes, a control panel is a convenient server management tool for a small company, that is digitally not mature enough for server and website optimizations.

Control panel DNS server is a bottleneck

Local own DNS server should be migrated. We point on it because of issues with the server unavailability will affect DNS records at the world. And your website will be “forgotten” for the users until DNS records don't update on the DNS nameservers like Google (,, Cloudflare (, OpenDNS/Umbrella (,, Quad9 (, called authoritative DNS and on others local DNS nameservers (Recursive), which works based on Time To Live (TTL) value.

It can happen if, for example, your hosting provider will down, DDoS`ed or they will have some problems https://www.datacenterknowledge.com/uptime/ovh-disassemble-container-data-centers-after-epic-outage-europe. Or your server will crash or be disabled because of some the unpaid orders :)


For DNS we recommend using CloudFlare, for example.

Control panel mail servers do not have a lot of reputation

Moreover, providing an option to create own mailing server, control panels make the process complicated while not ensuring 100% stability and high delivery rate.

Being configured incorrectly, it can result in:


For the communication emails (imbound) recommend using trusted mailing systems like Google Suite, Yahoo Mail, AWS WorkMail.

Also, you can read this article: "Know what's a terrible idea? Mixing hosting with email" with these main points

  1. If One Goes Down, It All Goes Down
  2. Migration is a Royal PITA
  3. It's like hiring the wrong person for the job