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SSH, SFTP, Database credentials and secured PHPMyAdmin/Adminer (Basic access authentication)

We provide via Scalesta management functionality for

  • SSH (Secure Shell) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) access to the server
  • PHPMyAdmin and Adminer installations for each project secured via password protection

We usually don't provide the "root" user and "su/sudo" permission. We want to inform you that we manage server configuration, improve it, and make server software updates. If you need to make some general changes, let us know, and we do everything for you quickly and efficiently.

Why we do not provide FTP?

FTP servers carry numerous vulnerabilities and functionality such as directory traversals, and browser-side cross-site scripting, making port 21 an ideal target. It also leaves plaintext credentials data transport unsafe.

As an alternative to FTP, we provide SFTP with a stronger encryption of traffic between SFTP client and the SFTP server. In addition, SFTP supports additional features such as public key authentication and compression. Here you can learn how to connect to your server via SFTP.