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Development, CI/CD, etc

Why do you recommend having separate "development" and "production" environments?

If you store the "dev" and "prod" websites on one server, you should understand that they both are using common resources such as CPU/RAM/Disk/etc. And if any error/issue occurs on the "dev" project, it can affect "production" aka live website. And it even may result in losing customers and revenue. Also, the development environment may be an excellent target for hacker attacks if you don’t follow the basic rules of information security.

We can provide development servers for your projects, where you can enhance and improve your store.

I need a server for development purpose. Could you set up it for me?

Sure, we can provide you with a server for development. They will be provided with a discount of 40% off the plan from PRICING PLANS. But there will be several differences and limitations:

  • XHPROF installed and configured for PHP profiling routine
  • Extended log files and reports

Do you make a copy of my project on Development server?

Yes! Also, we will happy to make a CI/CD process to your projects. Read this articles DevOps Will Help Your Business Develop if Done Correctly (with cases), DevOps Explained: All You Want To Know About Development & Operations for more information.

CI/CD Requirements and Restrictions

To make Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processed real for the projects we need a few rules and restrictions to follow

  • The main requirement is using GIT 1 (bitbucket, GitLab, and Github, for example). All the code and database migrations should be in the repository.
  • The main restriction is denying changes for any code or files via the CMS admin panel. Also, changes in the database via PHPMyAdmin (or similar software) and similar are prohibited.

CS-Cart CI/CD Requirements and Restrictions


  • Using GIT for store the project code. Also, we want to point out that changes should be a separate addons, not the CS-Cart core files modification.
  • Using migrations (stored in GIT) for database migrations. CS-Cart using Phinx for it.


  • Any addon or theme installations/removing via admin panel is prohibited. Changes in files on the file system, that can be corrupted in next deployment.
  • Changes in a database via PHPMyAdmin or some extra database administration tools are also prohibited. The next deployment migration can break manual changes in the database, and it will lead to project unavailability.

  1. Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.