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Do you provide optimized server?

Yes, we provide great optimized servers for eCommerce with a lot of tweaks. We monitor the industrial standards permanently and implements new improvements.

If you need a new feature or you want to suggest some improvement, don't hesitate to contact us.

What about PHP code optimizations?

We do not provide optimization of PHP and JavaScript code; this is an area of developers responsibility.

But we always monitor performance and profiling the code, localize the root cause, and point to the bottlenecks or problem code places. Our reports help a lot for the addon and theme developers, also we have a lot of great feedback from the CS-Cart core team for the CS-Cart core issues finded by us.

Database optimizations?

We always monitor the database performance and slow SQL queries. In case these queries affect whole performance -- we provide detailed report on it with pointing to the weak code place.

Do you optimize images?

Yes, we optimize images (jpg, jpeg, png) daily without losing image quality. It helps save server space and speed up the website load. Also, our method allows optimizing without involving any third-party services which makes our system failproof, fast and stable.


Images may take more than 38% of a web page's overall weight.