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How to edit CS-Cart configuration file

If you need to edit CS-Cart configuration files (config.php, config.local.php, local_conf.php), you can do this with SSH/SFTP access.

Create SSH/SFTP account

Just follow the instruction. You will receive email with the access credentials. If you already have one, go to the next step.

Connect to your server

You can see how to connect to your server using SFTP in this article. If you prefer to use SSH, you can connect to the server like in this instruction. We are going to use the Filezilla application, but you can use any other software that can connect to the server by SFTP protocol.

Connect to your server and navigate to your project directory. It is located at /srv/projects/PROJECT_DIR. Then go to the public_html directory and locate config.local.php file. filezilla file location


Save the created connection for quicker access next time.

Edit file

Now you can edit this file by right-clicking on the file and selecting View/Edit. filezilla file menu

Your file will be opened in the text editor, and now you can edit it like your local text file. filezilla file edit

How to change settings

In the configuration file, you can change settings by changing value following the appropriate setting name.
Values can be four types

  • string (text inside quotes 'like this')
  • numeric (just number like 11)
  • array (['value1', 'value2'])
  • boolean(true or false)

Use correct syntax, it is important.


Errors in config.local.php may cause store unavailability. Good idea is to make a backup of this file before editing. Copy it with a different filename, config.local.php.old for example.

Save file and exit text editor.
Done! You have successfully edited your CS-Cart configuration file.


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