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Mail Service for Ecommerce

The mail can be of two types in respect of server inbound and outbound. But in terms of business purpose, the mailing service should be divided into Communication and Notification.

Definitions of mailing services for business purposes

Communication (inbound)

The mail service used to communicate with your customers: support, feedback, returns. This is the email that your customers can write to or reply to, and you will receive that email. These services do not host at your server.

Notification (outbound)

These are emails that are only sent from the website and can’t be answered by your customers. You will not receive the reply to these emails. Usually, you can see “no-reply” in the name of those emails. Notifications may relate to transactions, marketing campaigns, shipping information, etc.

What we provide and what we don't

We don’t provide Communication emails and do not manage them. We recommend using G Suite by Google, Amazon WorkMail, or similar services for the purposes of communication with your customers.

We do provide the Notification solution for our hosting clients which is our special mail service. It requires special configuration to work correctly and can be set up on request for all our clients. This service is included in all hosting plans and is free of charge.

How to configure Communication email (inbound)

While you can rely on us regarding all your Notifications, it is up to you what service to choose for Communication with your customers. To assist you with the right choice we have gathered the most popular ones in the list below with detailed instructions on how to configure them and connect to CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor:


We recommend that you check the relevance of the information on the website of the service provider