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How to connect to Server via SSH & SFTP

We provide SSH access for managing your server. You will have:

To connect to the server via SSH, use a terminal (console, PuTTY).

Connecting to Server with password via SSH

We are going to connect to the server on Windows using PuTTy (free) or Gitbash (free). Mac OS and Unix comes with the terminal already installed.

Install and run the terminal.


  1. Input Host and Port 22 in the PuTTY configuration. Putty configuration

  2. When the terminal opens, enter the login and password.
    Important: During entering the password, the password characters are hidden. Be careful not to make a typo — simply copy the password from the email. You can then paste this by right-clicking in the PuTTY window and it will paste your selection. Press Enter. Putty configuration

  3. That’s it. You are ready to manage your server. Putty configuration


You have only 5 tries to enter the password for security reasons. If you fail to connect, contact us for help.

Connect to Server with Private Key via SSH

  1. Enter the remote server Host Name or IP address under Session.
  2. Navigate to Connection > SSH > Auth.
  3. Click Browse... under Authentication parameters / Private key file for authentication.
  4. Locate the id_rsa.ppk private key and click Open.
  5. Finally, click Open again to log into the remote server with key pair authentication.

Connect via SSH


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