Affiliate program
No one in the market yet can offer 50% of a customer's bill.
If you find more, we'll pay you double.
With full technical support, you don’t have to that the website will be slow or sales will stop somewhere in the night.

With Scalesta, every customer has a fast online store to generate sales without scaring customers away with constant loading.
A reliable and secure web-hosting optimized for ecommerce
What the Scalesta Affiliate Program includes
A comprehensive program that offers various benefits and features to its participants. With this program earn substantial commission by promoting Scalesta products and services.
Partners can offer customers any allowable discount they want to.
Hosting discounts up to 50%
All payments come automatically every first day of the month. No unnecessary accounts and communications to receive your earnings.
We provide promotional materials, run collaborate promotions, can help at the sale and presale stage. You can write to our sales manager in the chat
Payment transparency
Dedicated Affiliate Support
Scalesta customers have an impressively low churn rate of just 2%, meaning that they rarely cancel their subscriptions. This makes recurring commissions offered by Scalesta highly valuable.
Lifetime Monthly Payments
Selling Scalesta is a breeze. Our customers at Scalesta enjoy the advantages of industry-leading performance and top-notch security infrastructure. On top of that, they receive 24/7/365 expert support
Depending on your goal, you can build a long-term sales funnel with a business program or get an instant big profit with one-time

High Conversion and Retention Rates

Flexible choice of affiliate program

Who is Scalesta’s Affiliate Program For?

Boost your monthly passive income by incorporating hosting commissions adapted for ecommerce. Maximize your earning potential with personalized banners, exclusive promotional materials, and invaluable sales-boosting guidance. To start earning referrals, consider the following strategies:

1. Experience Scalesta's hosting services for free and share your feedback by posting a review or a comparative article.
2. Feature Scalesta as a recommended tool on your blog, highlighting its numerous benefits.
3. Include a traceable link when sharing our exceptional web development articles to drive referrals.
4. Enjoy dedicated support from our affiliate team.

By following these steps, you can unlock additional income streams while receiving full assistance from our dedicated affiliate team.
Earn affiliate referrals effortlessly while seamlessly integrating them into your development work. Our affiliate program caters specifically to developers seeking to generate passive income. Getting started is a breeze, and you can:
  1. Refer clients by utilizing either your affiliate link or our specialized site transfer tool.
  2. Include your affiliate link in your current GitHub repositories.
  3. Experience Scalesta's hosting services for free and share your review.
  4. Embed your affiliate link within your website's "Hosted by Scalesta" banner.
  5. Maximize your potential earnings by reaching out to our affiliate team for manual referrals.
Increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue by recommending Scalesta to your clients and rest assured that their websites will be hosted on a top-tier platform. As an agency, you have the following advantages:
  1. Get featured in our Agency Directory* to gain visibility and attract potential clients.
  2. Earn referrals by sharing your personalized link or utilizing our convenient site transfer tool.
  3. Leverage manual referrals by contacting our dedicated affiliate team.
  4. *Eligibility for the Agency Directory is subject to meeting the referral threshold.

Generate commissions effortlessly by incorporating a traceable link when collaborating with or mentioning Scalesta. Our affiliate program for cloud hosting is uniquely designed for SaaS, platforms, open-source projects, applications, CMS solutions, code libraries, and beyond.
To begin earning, simply insert your affiliate link in the following instances:
  1. Develop a comprehensive deployment guide exclusively for Scalesta.
  2. Include Scalesta as a recommended hosting provider in your documentation.
  3. Highlight our hosting services in your blog posts.
  4. Integrate an in-app reference to Scalesta.
  5. And much more!
For further collaboration opportunities, feel free to reach out to our team.

Technology Solution Providers
Enhance your monthly passive income by including hosting commissions. Gain access to personalized banners, exclusive promotional materials, and valuable sales-boosting advice. To earn referrals, consider the following strategies:
  1. Test Scalesta's hosting services for free and share your feedback by posting a review or a comparative article.
  2. Feature Scalesta as a recommended tool on your blog, emphasizing its benefits.
  3. Insert a traceable link when sharing our exceptional web development articles to drive referrals.
  4. For dedicated support from our affiliate team.
By implementing these steps, you can unlock additional income streams while enjoying the assistance of our affiliate team.
Learning Platforms / Educators
Two types of affiliate programs
Large % of rebates from the first client's check
Flexible % system depending on the sold periods
You can combine programs
% of rebates from aвll customer's cheввcks during their life cycle
No tiers — alwaыыs maximum % of returns, starting from 1 customer
You can combine programs
Regular Business
all custиomer checks


* The calculations provided by the calculator are not to be considered as guaranteed results, as they are subject to various external factors.

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We offer registration, it is done in just a few minutes. After clarifying the conditions, you can immediately start working on our partner platform. We will provide all the necessary tools and resources for a successful start, you will not need to do anything, we will present all the materials, register and get on the road!
Generate Your Links
Create as many affiliate links
You can have an unlimited number of affiliate links and place them on any page of your website. After that, you can optimize by focusing on those links that convert the most in conversions.
Earn Money
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
Learn Affiliate Marketing
Get everything you need to succeed and build your monthly passive income. From a variety of affiliate articles and guides to personalized affiliate support, we’re here to help.
What customers say about the Scalesta affiliate program
Daniel Visser
Projects manager in Pixels

I have been absolutely thrilled with the hosting affiliate program offered by Scalesta. Not only do they provide an excellent commission structure, but their personalized banners and promotional materials have helped me greatly in driving conversions. The support from their affiliate team has been outstanding, making it a truly rewarding and hassle-free experience

Synthia Smyth
Editor-in-chief at Pixels
Scalesta's hosting affiliate program has been a game-changer for me. The commissions have provided a steady stream of passive income, and the exclusive sales-boosting advice I received has helped me optimize my marketing efforts. Their responsive and knowledgeable affiliate team has been there every step of the way, ensuring my success. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their earnings.
Agatha Morris
Sales manager La Playa Store
Choosing Scalesta's hosting affiliate program was one of the best decisions I've made for my online business. The personalized banners and promotional materials provided have enabled me to effectively promote their top-performing and secure hosting services. The monthly payouts directly to my PayPal account have been consistent and reliable. I appreciate the ongoing support from their dedicated affiliate team, making it a seamless and profitable partnership.
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