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Low speed, server unavailability and security problems result in losing customers who abandon your website and go to faster and more reliable competitors.
We developed a managed eCommerce hosting for your CS-Cart store or Multi-Vendor marketplace designed to ensure 99.99% uptime, maximum load speed and high-level security.
Everything is already included in the hosting plan to minimize hosting spendings and scale capacity during marketing campaigns.

VPS and Cloud Hosting
for CS-Cart

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Dedicated solutions that fit your business

Scalesta’s managed solution gives top performance, security and expert support whether you run a website, online shop, agency, or enterprise.
500+ stores in 14 countries use our solution to grow conversion and engage more customers.

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Flexible solution for businesses expanding globally with focus on expert support.


Join Scalesta Partner Program to build, manage, and launch client web sites seamlessly.


Build or deploy applications in a secure, flexible and highly available infrastructure

No need to hire an IT-specialist to manage your server!

Optimized load speed and performance
Friendly tech support
Free DDoS protection and security scanning
24/7 monitoring and disaster recovery
Free daily backups and snapshots
Special configurations for CS-Cart
Free SSL-certificate
Free migration without downtime
Managed VPS

More than regular CS-Cart hosting

15 data-centres close to your customers to ensure high availability, maximum load speed and compete for local search

Engage more clients

Consumer Magnet
Improve your results
Scalable solutions to increase server capacity exactly when you need it, for example during sales or launch of new products

Grow any moment

Optimized settings and additional infrastructure services can increase performance without adding extra resources

Stay safe

Safe box
Not all web hostings are built for extreme eCommerce requirements. We are committed to the highest standards when it comes to speed and performance. Why? Statistics show that with each second a page takes to load, about 4% of users abandon it. There is no room for downtime or page loading delays.
  • Maximum load speed and performance
    • 15 data-centers close to your customers
    • Optimized stack with advanced configurations
    • HTTP/2 enabled servers with TLS 1.3
    • Pre-configured PHP-FPM
    • NVME SSD-based servers
    • Regular image optimization
    • Regular software updates
  • Non-stop monitoring
    • 24/7/365 performance monitoring
    • Auto-healing servers
    • Disaster recovery procedures
    • Regular performance audits 
    • Load and stress testing 
    • Monthly reports
  • High-level security
    • 24/7/365 security monitoring
    • Regular OS and patch management
    • DDoS protection
    • Protection against malicious bots
    • SSH and SFTP access management
    • Daily backups
    • Auto-renewing SSL certificates
  • Tech support
    • Personal dashboard and ticket system
    • One-stop support
    • SLA with 15 min reaction time
    • Add-ons and theme troubleshooting
    • DevOps services 
    • Infrastructure experts 
    • Cybersecurity experts
Migrate to CS-Cart Cloud Hosting designed for eCommerce without downtime!

Free migration

We are well aware that a project must always be available, and that is why we have designed a methodology to migrate projects with almost no downtime. Don’t worry about migration complexities & technicalities, our customer support team will take care of them all.
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Next step
Constant monitoring of 500+ server and project parameters with a frequency of 1 minute. Proactive recommendations for code optimization and website performance.
Customization of server configurations for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, image optimization. Identification of site weaknesses (bottlenecks) and recommendations for their correction.
Immediately after migrating to Scalesta hosting, you will see a significant improvement in the various metrics of your site. Your project will be under control in many business-critical aspects.
Checking the performance of all website components after migration, connecting to our advanced monitoring system.

Global network of data centers

We have 15 data centers around the world. And their number is constantly growing to make you closer to your buyers.
Google Cloud
Yandex Cloud
Digital Ocean
CDN Around the world

Choose Your Pricing Plan for CS-Cart Hosting

  • Free migration without downtime, optimized for eCommerce
  • vCPU: 2
  • RAM: 4GB
  • NVME SSD: 80 GB
  • Load testing
  • Security monitoring
  • DevOps&SRE consultants


Recommended solution for projects with traffic up 0.5 mln visitors per month


Best solution for projects with traffic up to 1 mln visitors per month
  • Free migration without downtime, optimized for eCommerce
  • vCPU: 4
  • RAM: 8GB
  • NVME SSD: 160 GB
  • Performance audit
  • Security audit (SAST)
  • DevOps consultants + SRE engineer
  • Dedicated system admin
  • Increase of server capacity during critical situations
  • Free migration without downtime, optimized for eCommerce
  • vCPU: 8
  • RAM: 16GB
  • NVME SSD: 320 GB
  • Enhance performance audit
  • Security audit (SAST&DAST)
  • DevOps&SRE engineers
  • Dedicated admin (high priority)
  • Increase of server capacity during critical situations
  • Communication channel with the hosting team (Slack, Telegram)


Expert solution for projects with traffic up to 1,5 mln visitors per month

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