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A fully managed hosting solution for any Ecommerce platform will take away the technical worries and help you focus 100% on your business.
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Hosting solutions 
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Official hosting for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor with 99.99% uptime, maximum load speed and high-level of security.
Hosting for Magento that meets all CMS technical requirements with advanced caching system and superior performance.
Fast, scalable and reliable PrestaShop hosting experience for those who do not have skills or time to deal with the technical side of things.
Dedicated & fully managed secure hosting optimized for WooCommerce with 24/7/365 performance and security monitoring.
Custom hosting for enterprise level business based on PHP and MySQL with scalable infrastructure, load balancing and DevOps features.

Hosting that grows together with your business

Select a hosting plan that allows you to adjust your resources as needed, ensuring you can continually fine-tune your operational expenses.
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As the Head of Customer Care
at CS-Cart, I highly recommend Scalesta
Our partnership has been instrumental in enhancing the experience for our clients. Scalesta’s secure hosting services and responsive support makes collaboration effortless, allowing us to address any issues quickly and efficiently. This seamless cooperation ensures that our clients receive the best possible service.
As the Head of Customer Care at CS-Cart, I highly recommend Scalesta
Head of Customer Care at CS-Cart
Scalesta has meticulously designed and supported the complete internal infrastructure of our company, enabling us to deliver unparalleled service to our clients. With a focus on security, reliability, and performance, their hosting solutions are tailored to meet our unique needs. Additionally, their expertise in architecture design and optimization ensures our infrastructure is both efficient and scalable.
Expert Hosting and DevOps Services by Scalesta
CTO at Simtech Development
Expert Hosting and DevOps
Services by Scalesta
by CS-Cart
James Burden
Excellent service
Scalesta providess an excellent and very reliable hosting service and their support is first class. They have always responded quickly to any queries we have had. Keep up the great work.
United Kingdom
Kyriacos P
We are with Scalesta for the last 7 years
We are with Scalesta for the last 7 years (since June 2018 - previoussly MyCloud for CS-Cart) and everything is working at its 100% since then. We do not worry about managing our server - tickers are responding to in a very timely manner and things get done very promptly in case of server upgrades and day to day tasks if any.
Hesham Zohry
I was completely impressed with their…
I was completely impressed with their technical team and customer service
I highly recommend.
David F.
IWe inadvertently removed some needed files from our company...
We inadvertently removed some needed files from our company flagship website several months ago. Even though Scalesta performs daily backups, the oldest backup that was available was not old enough. We found a very old version of our website in our files and replaced the needed files from that. However, these files were valid when we were with another hosting company several years ago, so the website wouldn’t connect with the database. The Scalesta team made the necessary changes and our website is back up and running optionally. Thanks guys and gals!


What type of web hosting do I need?
It all depends on the needs of your site. For beginners and smaller sites, shared hosting is probably just right. 
For those who need more control, VPS or dedicated hosting is likely a better option.
How can I transfer my domain to Scalesta?
We understand the importance of maintaining project availability during a domain transfer. Our carefully designed migration methodology ensures minimal downtime. The only potential bottleneck is database synchronization, which typically takes just 1-2 minutes. To further minimize impact, we perform the final migration at a time you specify, usually during the night when your site has the least number of visitors. Contact us, and we'll ensure a smooth transition for your project, bringing you peace of mind.
I have a technical question unrelated to the server. Can you assist me?
We have specialists such as system administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers and information security specialists with developers. We do not limit the number of requests and tasks, but if the question is far from our specialization, we will transfer it to the development team on special terms.
What if I need to scale my business in future?
Our Hosting Solutions offer a fully managed service for high-traffic websites, ensuring exceptional reliability and scalability. With our load-balanced environments, each application is hosted on multiple nodes. During traffic surges, new nodes automatically deploy to keep your website running smoothly and without interruption.
Have another question?
See our Knowledge Base or ask your question to our team. We provide technical services as a team of certified SysOps Administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers . We also have an information security specialist and PHP developers.
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