Why we host projects in 15 different data centers

Stores that work slowly and make the customer wait earn less than those with well optimized websites. Let's talk how to choose a correct data centre and why location matters.

Why we host projects in 15 different data centers

Data centers are technical facilities where powerful computing infrastructure is centralized. This usually includes servers, storage and networking equipment that support web apps, databases, virtual machines, and more. It’s where the data of thousands of companies is stored, managed, and backuped.

Basically, data centers are huge buildings with thousands of servers and other computing devices with powerful cooling systems and advanced security protection. These are some of the most secure places in the world. Simply put, data centers are the engine of the internet.

Why you need a data center

Data centers store and serve up websites, run emails and instant messaging services, provide cloud storage and applications, enable e-commerce transactions, power online gaming communities and more.

Any request you make on the Internet – be it opening a page of a website, searching something on Google, or writing an email – that request first travels to the server, gets processed there, and then comes back to your laptop as a result. What happens on your screen in a fraction of a second, in reality is a result of a super-fast transport of data from your browser to the data and back.

How is the data being transferred from your browser to the data center and back? Through submarine and ground cables. We’ve all seen the internet cables that are stretched over or under the ground and connect our wi-fi routers to the bigger web. But what about transcontinental data transfer? For that, there are submarine cables that transport data across the ocean.

data cables around the world

What makes a good data center

When deciding where to store and process data, businesses have two options – create an in-house mini data center, or outsource it. The second option is much more secure and reliable. These are the points to check when choosing a data center:

Location. Having your data center close is crucial for a business in terms of load speed and local search results. Moreover, in some countries, the law obliges businesses to store data within the state. 

For eCommerce apps and websites, location is especially important. For them, each millisecond of loading time costs money. Stores that work slowly and make the customer wait earn less than those with well optimized websites. An important part of that optimization is locating your data centers physically closer to your customers. The more that distance is, the slower the data travels and the longer customers wait.

Security. Pick only those data centers that have proper security. Data centers should use software and technology to protect assets they are taking care of. 

This includes both physical and digital protection. Physical security measures come in the form of locks, alarms, video surveillance, security guards, and strict control of persons who enter the building. A data center should also be well protected from fire with special chemical fire suspensions as sprinklers can damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Reliability. A good data center has a backup power source, proper ventilation and cooling infrastructure, and, of course, a secure redundant system.

Everything has to be made in a way to protect your data from natural disasters, power outages and other potential problems. Reliability also includes backups. No matter how secure and well protected the building is, a good data center backs up all the data it has.

Where do we host client’s projects

At the moment we provide our clients with services of 15 data centers from California to Sydney. No matter where you are based, we will find a data center that works best for your business. Plus, we will backup your data in a second separate data center to ensure the highest protection of your information.

Geography of SCALESTA data centres
Geography of SCALESTA data centres

For SCALESTA hosting solutions we choose only the most trusted and secure data centers, such as those of AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean. Our goal is to provide users with a fast and quality connection wherever they are. We guarantee a proper security system for our data centers that house your enterprise data and applications.

According to our internal research, in 2022 ASAP Lab specialists have resolved more than 1,500 security incidents including hacker attacks and DDoS.

SCALESTA is a tailored eCommerce hosting for agencies, merchants and developers. Our managed cloud hosting solution for eCommerce web applications comes with built-in caching technologies. Our DevOps team automates routine and production processes to increase their efficiency. We take care of your data in the most secure way, simplify the overall experience, and ensure optimal performance so you can focus on your business’s growth. As a result we report up to 50% less time spent on security problems and 22% less money invested on unplanned work.