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How much you can earn with Scalesta

Our hosting is incredibly well designed, flexible and reliable. Therefore, you will earn not just a one-time 10% of one payment. You will earn 10% of each payment from your affiliate link

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Who is Scalesta's affiliate program for?

Boost your monthly recurring income by offering Scalesta to your clients, guaranteeing their websites will be hosted on a premium platform.
Effortlessly earn commissions by integrating a trackable link when partnering with Scalesta.
Our affiliate program is esily tailored for SaaS platforms, open-source projects, applications, CMS solutions, code libraries, and more. To start earning, just insert your affiliate link in product documentation, open-source libraries, knowledge bases, or applications.
Boost your monthly passive income by incorporating web hosting commissions adapted for eCommerce. Maximize your earning potential with personalized banners, exclusive promotional materials, and invaluable sales-boosting guidance. To start earning referrals, consider the following strategies:
1.Try our Scalesta's web hosting services for free and provide your input by publishing a review or a comparative article.
2.Showcase Scalesta as a top pick on your blog, emphasizing its advantages.
3.Attach a trackable link when distributing our blog posts.
By adhering to these guidelines, you can tap into extra revenue streams and receive complete support from our committed affiliate team.
Feel confident recommending high-quality web hosting services to students and subscribers, and earn continuous commissions effortlessly by incorporating a trackable link! To initiate your earnings, you can:
1.Add an affiliate link within your Scalesta recommendation in your course materials.
2.Introduce Scalesta as a recommended hosting service on your website.
3.Utilize Scalesta’s hosting for free to assess and present our platform to your students.
4.Embed a trackable link when sharing our blog posts
Reach out to our team at team@scalesta.com via email to explore further collaboration opportunities.



Fill out the form, get access to your personal affiliate account and link. Start selling and enjoy additional income


Scalesta is reliable, fast, and fully managed hosting by eCommerce еxperts. We've invested about 20 years of online store and marketplace development experience to create the perfect solution

Guaranteed profit

No delayed payments and trial purchases. The system is fully automated and allows to avoid human error. Every new sale via your link guarantees a credit to your account every first day of the month

Hosting discounts up to 10%

Affiliate partners can offer up to 10% discount

Long-term relationship

Network firewalls with IP whitelisting, data encryption, identity and access control and regular security patching

Estimate your Monthly Earnings

The more customers you refer,
the higher you would earn

Why do users love Scalesta?

Preconfigured for eCommerce

Fully managed hosting is a service specifically designed for platforms

Мigrated for free 

Your clients can transfer projects to Scalesta servers for free. Without any delay

Monitored non-stop

24/7/365 server and security monitoring

Competitive in pricing

A list of flexible tariffs with different sets of services and server configuration

Is up 99.9%

The best ability is availability — so we make sure your site stays up

Premium support

24/7/365 to answer  questions and solve problems with SLA 15 minutes reaction time

 Scalesta facts and figures

server locations close to your customers
years eCommerce expertise and experience
flexible tariff VPS and Cloud hosting plans
affiliate partners worldwide

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