Enjoy 1 Month of Free Image Optimizer Service

Enjoy 1 Month of Free Image Optimizer Service

Page load speed is a crucial metric that significantly impacts e-сommerce sites user experience and customer loyalty. One of the most effective strategies to increase it is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

CDN is a network of servers strategically distributed around the world. Its primary function is  instant delivery of static resources (images, scripts etc.) to users based on their geo-location. We are excited to present our solution - Scalesta Image Optimizer with CDN features.

Key features:

  • Improve web pages load speed by 60%

Static objects are downloaded from the server that is located in close proximity to the user. And the built-in Image Optimizer automatically converts images to WebP format, reducing their size by 50-80% without losing quality.

Your users enjoy instant page load. You enjoy the increased engagement rate on your website and customer loyalty.

Our tests have shown that Image Optimizer can boost the Google PageSpeed score by 11-17 points for mobile versions and by 10-14 points for desktop versions in 30 minutes.

  • Save your server space

Storage of static objects on CDN facilities allows you to save the server space when your project grows.

  • Increase your search rankings

Not only SEO optimization is important for a good search engine ranking, but also page load speed. Together with the improvement of user experience, you get an improvement of the website position in the search results.

  • Reduce your server load

Generating thumbnails on CDN facilities will speed up work after changes and synchronization by 30%.

Any e-commerce project will benefit from our powerful Image Optimizer. You can estimate the first results in 30 minutes when you check the page loading speed via Google PageSpeed tool.

For a quick start, we offer a free trial period to observe all the benefits of using a service.

Become our customer before September 30, 2023 and get one month of Image Optimizer service for free.

Send a request for free migration and enjoy your fast and high performance online store.