VPS and Cloud
Hosting for eCommerce
Website conversion is not only about design and product range in your store. Managed VPS and Cloud hosting can revolutionize performance by increasing site availability and loading speeds. No need to hire an IT-specialist, we’ll take care of all migration complexities.
Dedicated solutions that fit your business
Scalesta’s managed solution gives top performance, security and expert support whether you run a website, online shop, agency, or enterprise.
500+ stores in 14 countries use our solution to grow conversion and engage more customers.
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Flexible solution for businesses expanding globally with focus on expert support.
Join Scalesta Partner Program to build, manage, and launch client web sites seamlessly.
Build or deploy applications in a secure, flexible and highly available infrastructure
Fast and stable hosting solution
Designed and configured for Multi-Vendor, CS-Cart, Magento 2/Adobe Commerce, WordPress/ Woocommerce, and Prestashop. Also, we host Laravel, Yii2, Symfony, and any other PHP applications. 99% uptime guarantee, daily backups and free SSL certificate.
Scalesta dashboard for your website
Simple to manage account for creating service tickets, tracking the progress, and fast two-sided communication with the hosting team. It provides some PHP and MySQL configuration changes and extra tweaks for performance improvement, managing SSH/SFTP users, CRON jobs, and security-related optimizations.
Global сontent delivery network
15 data-centers close to your customers to ensure high availability, maximum load speed and compete for local search. Our goal is to provide users with a fast and quality connection wherever they are.
Managed Hosting: Monitoring and reaction 24/7/365
We provide not just hosting and not even a server, but a full-fledged technical solution with 24/7 monitoring of the project, responding to incidents according to SLA, solving performance and scaling issues
Stay online 
We migrate urgent projects in one working day with 99% uptime, 24/7 monitoring and 15 min response time according to the Service Level Agreement.
Stay safe
Network firewalls with IP whitelisting, data encryption, identity and access control, regular security patching and other advanced tools included in all plans.
Reduce spending 
Fine-tuned configuration settings and services implemented by our experts to increase performance without adding extra resources.
Free migrations from any hosts
We are well aware that a project must always be available, and that is why we have designed a methodology to migrate projects with almost no downtime.
Don’t worry about migration complexities & technicalities, our customer support team will take care of them all.
Hosting that grows together with your business
  • Free daily backups
  • Easy upgrade or downgrade
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers with TLS 1.3
  • Pre-configured PHP-FPM
  • Free SSL and DDos protection
  • 24/7/365 performance monitoring
  • Regular image optimisation
  • SSH and SFTP Access management
All plans come with
Custom plans for special needs
Need more flexibility? Easily scalable and Kubernetes solutions with extended power​ for high demanding businesses.

Help from experts

PCI DSS compliance
We know and follow the latest guidelines of the regulators and help our clients to comply with PCI DSS. Enjoy the simplicity of getting ready for the certification with us.
What type of web hosting do I need?
It all depends on the needs of your site. For beginners and smaller sites, shared hosting is probably just right. For those who need more control, VPS or dedicated hosting is likely a better option.
How can I transfer my domain to Scalesta?
We are well aware that a project must always be available, and that is why we have designed a methodology to migrate projects with almost no downtime. The only bottleneck is database synchronization, but it usually takes 1-2 minutes, and we do the final migration at night (specified by you) when the site has the least number of visitors.
I read that your VPS and Cloud Hosting will save my spendings. How?
We have specialists such as system administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers and information security specialists with developers. We do not limit the number of requests and tasks, but if the question is far from our specialization, we will transfer it to the development team on special terms.
What if I need to scale my business in future?
No need to worry. Our Enterprise Scalable Solution is a fully managed solution for high traffic websites. Experience reliability and scalability with our load balanced environments. Each application is hosted on multiple nodes and new nodes spin up automatically in case of traffic spikes, making sure your website stays up and running.
Have another question?
See our Knowledge Base or ask your question to our team. We provide technical services as a team of certified SysOps Administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers . We also have an information security specialist and PHP developers.
Your choice of web host can impact the success of your online shop. Choose performance-driven Scalesta hosting to improve your website operation and customer experience. Ready?